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Anse De Mai, Dominica


Dominica, the nature isle of the Caribbean and often referred to as the “Cinderella of the Caribbean” is the largest of the Windward Islands. Blessed with three hundred and sixty five rivers flowing from its towering mountains, cascading into deep valleys, and rolling down to engage the sea on black and white sandy beaches; Dominica’s natural beauty is untouched and beyond imaginable. The island is home to the world’s second largest boiling lake, emerald pools, and dozens of natural hot water springs (brewed from our volcanic nature), waterfalls, lakes, ever green rain forests, flora and fauna which brings out the warmth and friendliness of a people like none other. Our undersea world is equally amazing; thus providing a haven for divers. Dominica is ideal for romantic getaways, the business traveler, adventurous traveler, nature lovers and just about anyone looking to have an amazing time with friends, family or independently.



Dominica has a hot tropical climate year round. The rainy season spans from June to November and the dry season from December to May. The nights are much cooler at higher altitudes and short, heavy rainfall may be experienced from time to time.